The primary mission of the Nigerian Embassy in the United States of America is to foster good relations between Nigeria and the USA. In the process, we are mandated to advance the corporate interests of Nigeria as well as serve and protect Nigerian citizens living in this great country.

Nigeria is also a great country. One in every four Africans is a Nigerian. Nigeria is equally blessed with the largest economy in Africa. The future even holds greater promise. According to the US Department of Agriculture, by 2030, Nigeria will be the 19th largest economy in the world with a GDP in excess of $1 trillion. It is estimated that $500 billion of this sum would be in the service sector, which reflects the dynamism and capacity of her citizens. Nigeria is truly endowed in material and human resources.

Even the United States of America can testify to the quality of Nigerians in the Academic, Banking, Medical, Military, Transportation and other sectors of their economy. By general consensus, the positive contribution of Nigerians to the US economy is enormous.

During this tour of duty, I shall work to deepen the existing cordial relationship between Nigeria and our host nation. As I told President Joe Biden, I am eager to see the United States become Nigeria’s top diplomatic, defense, trade and development partner. Nigeria is eminently endowed to partner with the US in both Africa continental development and global peace.

As the world is acknowledging, Nigeria’s democracy is maturing very fast. For the first time in the history of the country, an opposition candidate defeated an incumbent President and power was transferred in peaceful and rancho free atmosphere. Since then, Nigeria continues to manage evolving domestic challenges through the democratic process.

President Muhammadu Buhari enjoins every Nigerian to see and treat our country as his own. I may be Nigeria’s official ambassador to United State, but every decent and law-abiding Nigerian in the United State is also an ambassador of our great country.

With dignity, pride and courtesy, we are open to serve all Nigerians in the US, as well as friends of our dear country. The embassy shall continue to welcome visitors and investors with both arms. For Nigerians, I wish to reassure all of you that this is your mission. We are here because of you. Since I arrived, I have heard so much about the challenges many people encounter when they seek services at the Nigerian embassy. Working together, we shall address all of them, and even do more.

Please check our re-engineered website to see whether we are serious. Many more challenges will follow in the way we serve the public. We are here to serve. As President Buhari said many years ago “we have no other country but Nigeria”. So let’s work together to make it even greater.